AIMPRO Tactical M590A1
AIMPRO Tactical 185
Aimpro Tactical 185 right side Aimpro Tactical 185 left side Aimpro tactical 20 with bantam stoc and spectergear sling AimproTactical 185 Flat Dark Earth AIMPROtactical 185 OD Green Aimpro Tactical 20 with heat shield
AIMPRO Tactical 20
Optional XCOAT Finishes
Flat Dark Earth (FDE)
Olive Drab (OD)
The AIMPROtactical is our original signature model.  Available in both 18.5" and 20" versions, it is engineered to squeeze every last drop of performance out of the Mil-Spec Mossberg M590A1 12 gauge platform.  Fast and Smooth with        Tight Accurate Patterns and Unquestionable Reliability, this is the all business hot rod of tactical shotguns.
Shown with optional side saddle
Based on the rugged Mossberg M590A1 used by military and law enforcement operators, the AIMPROtactical M590A1 includes: heavy walled barrel alloy trigger group alloy safety button fully adjustable factory Ghost Ring sights M590A1 marked receiver and is fitted with Hogue Overmolded stock sets.
Shown with optional 3 point sling
Shown with optional heat shield
Every AIMPROtactical M590A1 is detail stripped and undergoes a complete action job.  All working surfaces are de-burred, polished and hand fitted.  The inside of the magazine tube is cleaned, honed and polished for increased feeding reliability.  The trigger group is cleaned, key surfaces polished by hand and the mechanism is treated with a heat applied dry lubricant to improve trigger feel and let-off.  The entire gun is then treated with a heat applied metal conditioner and lubricant. Once reassembled, every AIMPROtactical M590A1 is function checked, headspaced and test fired for function.
FDE 185 with matching heat shield and “Ghillie Tan” Hogue Overmolded Stock Set
OD 185 with matching heat shield and Hogue Overmolded Stock Set
All of our Ghost Ring guns can be upgraded to our new Fiber Optic Front Sight Blade
Fiber Optic Front
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